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Join our 15th Anniversary kick-off project by pledging $15.00 per month for the year. See Below


In honor of the Angel Wings 15th Anniversary Celebratory year of 2015, we are inviting family, friends and supporters to help us meet our goal of raising $15,000.00. Our kick-off project is a monthly pledge program. We are asking for pledgees to commit to donating $15.00 per month for the year. 

Pledges can be made monthly, quarterly or a onetime payment of $180.00.  The fundraising goal for 2015 will help us serve more families and children, to help with school uniforms, school supplies, as well as, winter clothing (socks, underclothes, thermals, hats & gloves) and toys for the holidays. We need your help to meet our fundraising goal. Help us help others. We are our brother’s keeper! 

If you are willing to become a monthly pledgee, please contact us at Angel Wings to setup your pledge amount & schedule over the phone or click the monthly or quarterly pledge buttons below to start your pledge. If you choose one of the pledge buttons we will contact you via email to remind you of your next pledge date. You will be able to make your pledge using the secure link we email to you.

I will pledge $15.00 per month I will pledge $45.00 per quarter (Feb., April, July , Oct.)